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AQSIQ license application requirements

AQSIQ license application requirements China AQSIQ License Registration for waste and scrap plastics (GB 16487.12-2005-- National Standard of the People’s Republic of China) When we register waste plastic on your aqsiq certificate, GB16487.12 is the most important regulations in China. Frist, let’s see what kind of plastics can be registered according to this regulation. Customs commodity number Name of waste material 3915.1000.00 Waste and scrap ethylene polymers and remnants 3915.2000.00 Waste and scrap vinyl benzene polymers and remnants 3915.3000.00 Waste and scrap cholroethylene polymers and remnants 3915.9010.00 Waste and scrap poly(ethylene terephthalate) and remnants 3915.9090.00 Other waste and scrap plastic and remnants China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd Justin Xu Skype: AQSIQ-Justin Email: Web: WWW.AQSIQ.ORG Mob(Whatsapp): 86-13575798844 What requirements needed for your scrap plastics in AQSIQ certification? Waste and scrap of plastics shall

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