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aqsiq certificate shipping waste material to ChinaAQSIQ Certificate Application Quality Management Control System (By Justin Xu --China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd) When waste material overseas suppliers apply China AQSIQ license, you have to provide Quality Management Control System documents to AQSIQ dept, the system contains how to select a qualify supplier, how to purchase, how to deal with unqualified scraps, how to do the training in company etc. Today i will share part of knowledge for aqsiq application system training. AQSIQ /CCIC Agent: China Recycling Inspection Service Co., Ltd Justin Xu Web: Email: Skype: AQSIQ-Justin We chat : 13575798844 Whatsapp: 86 13575798844 Purpose In order to make the company staff in China environmental protection and quality requirements of waste materials, by this opportunity to our company specially made for waste about learning Chinese environmental policies of employee training plan. Training conte

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