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What is AQSIQAQSIQ Certificate for Chinese Waste Materials Consignee (By Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd) I have wrote lots of articles about AQSIQ license application for waste materials suppliers, and i found some friends interested in AQSIQ license for consignees, so today i will explain how to get AQSIQ certification for Chinese consignee. Both trading company and processing factory can apply consignee AQSIQ. Documents required as below: (Trading company as example) 1, Copy of business registration documents 2,Copy of organization code certificate 3,Copy of import and export certificate 4,Factory should provide environmental Impact Assessment Report 5,Waste waste, noise and gas testing report (In recent 6 months) 6,Restriction of supervision and audit management form from local environment department 7.Cooperation contract between trading company and processing factory AQSIQ /CCIC Agent: China Recycling Inspection Service Co., Ltd Justin Xu Web: www.aqsiq.

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