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AQSIQ license regulation AQSIQ Certificate Registration for waste materials exporting to China AQSIQ application: Justin Xu China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd When you apply AQSIQ Certificate, we will help you make quality management system documents. All our docs made with the requirements of China Regulations and Laws. Lets see Chinese regulations for waste material suppliers AQSIQ registration. 1,Variation on part of HS code and name listed in imported wastes directory 2,Administration on imported solid wastes 3,Regulations on environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials 4,Announcement of designation CCIC anomie Co., LTD. And other 3 companies as China's inspection institutions of imports of waste materials before shipment 5,Implementation of registration of domestic consignee of importation of solid waste as raw materials(Trial) 6,Implementation of registration of forging supplier of importation of solid waste as raw materials 7,Insp

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