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aqsiq registration for overseas supplier AQSIQ for waste plastic AQSIQ for metal scrap AQSIQ for waste paper Hi, This is Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd To apply for AQSIQ registration, a foreign supplier shall satisfy the following requirements: (1) possessing the legal operation qualification in the country (region) to which the foreign supplier belongs; (2) having a permanent business premise; (3) being familiar with and abiding by the laws, regulations and rules of China regarding inspection, quarantine and environmental protection; (4) having been granted the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification or the RIOS certification; (5) guaranteeing that the products of the foreign supplier satisfy the compulsory requirements of the national technical specifications of China as to safety, hygiene and environmental protection, which are applicable to the types of Waste-sourced Raw Materials that the supplier applies for registration; (6) possessing relati

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