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AQSIQ renewalAQSIQ certificate renewal agency service---AQSIQ.Org---HangZhou Recycling Inspection Service Ltd Hi, everyone, this is Justin Xu from HangZhou Recycling Inspection Service Ltd, Today i will explain how to renew your AQSIQ certificate renewal application. AQSIQ license’s validity is 3 years, enterprises should start the renewal 6 months in advance.Before the license renewal, you should make sure that your address,company name and legal person’s name are unchanged. AQSIQ agency service: HangZhou Recycling Inspection Service Ltd Justin-Xu    Mob:0086-18072956499  Email: Skype:AQSIQ-justin   web: AQSIQ certificate renewal process: 1, sign the cooperation contract with us 2, Prepare documents needed for AQSIQ certificate renewal 3,Mail or email your documents to us 4,We will make all paper works and files for the process 5, Mail all original documents to AQSIQ department in China 6,AQSIQ renewal audition 7,Issuing the new license and it will

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