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Acoustical Systems, Inc.

Architectural Acoustics Consulting Services


Acoustical Systems, Inc. is an acoustical engineering and design firm with over 35 years of Architectural Acoustics and Residential/Community Noise Control. ASI conducts field sound level certifications for architects, engineers, surveyors, developers, flooring contractors and various governmental agencies, as well as offering acoustical engineering and design services from the pre-design stage to final construction, complete with on-site inspections to insure proper design implementation. We own the latest state-of-the art equipment and can perform an array of sound level and transmission rating tests which include Field IIC and STC testing per ASTM and ANSI standards.

Develop acoustical specifications (recommended STC, NC, and RT60 values) for new construction using established criteria in designing interior spaces.

Develop preliminary construction specifications needed to meet the identified acoustical design goals. Specifications to include:

  • Wall construction (STC)
  • Door and window construction (STC)
  • Ceiling/Floor Construction (STC)
  • Mechanical systems sound attenuation package (NC)
  • Method for treatment of penetrations (electrical outlets, ductwork, plumbing, etc.) (STC)
  • Interior Acoustics treatment (RT60)

  • Submit a report including the results of the acoustical analysis and the construction specifications for review by the architect.
  • Review meeting to present and discuss the results of the report, address questions, and consider design modifications.
  • Submit revised report incorporating any changes agreed to during the review meeting.

  • Acoustical Systems, Inc. will provide technical review of design changes made after the completion of the Design Development Phase. The review will consider the effect proposed changes may have on the acoustical integrity of the construction.
  • Acoustical Systems, Inc. will provide periodic construction site inspections to review construction methods as they relate to the acoustical criteria of the project.

  • Upon completion of construction, Acoustical Systems, Inc. will perform Field Sound Transmission Class/Noise Isolation Class (FSTC/NIC) testing, Noise Criteria (NC) testing, and Reverberation Time (RT60) testing of to document the acoustical environments of the new interior spaces and compare the results to the design criteria of the project.
  • Submit a final report of the final measured acoustical values and a comparison with the project design criteria to validate the acoustical performance of the facility.

Sound Level Tests

  • Background Noise Criteria (NC)
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC)
  • Noise Isolation Classification (NIC)
  • Preferred Noise Criteria (PNC)
  • Reverberation Time (RT60)
  • Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC)

  • Coordination of all interior and exterior activities.
  • Submit progress reports as requested.
  • Oversee the project for the successful completion of the noise control compliance program.
  • Review concept drawings with production and maintenance personnel.
  • Prepare the necessary construction drawings for all acoustical fabrication.
  • Review construction drawings with project manager to determine what, if any, production ramifications may result.
  • Make any necessary modifications resulting from the production, maintenance, and project manager input.
  • Determine, along with maintenance personnel, what materials and hardware will be fabricated in-house.
  • Secure final written approval of the construction drawings from production personnel.
  • Procure competitive bids on all materials that will be supplied by outside vendors and update ASI contract price if necessary.
  • Along with the purchasing department, select the supplier and provide the necessary delivery information to maintenance for installation scheduling.
  • Review approval drawings with the vendor prior to any fabrication.
  • Assist vendor's installation supervisor to insure a complete material installation.
  • Qualify the noise reduction achieved after installation has been completed and present a final report to all parties.

FSTC/NIC Instrumentation

  • Gold Line Pink Noise Generator
  • JBL EON speaker/amplifier system
  • Larson Davis Model 2900 RTA
  • Larson Davis RTA Model 824
  • Larson Davis Model 831 RTA

  • Gold Line Pink Noise Generator
  • JBL EON speaker/amplifier system
  • Larson Davis Model 2900 RTA
  • Larson Davis Model 800B (RT60 tests)
  • Norsonics Nor-211A Tapping Machine
  • Larson Davis Model 831 RTA

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