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Ariel Product Safety Data is categorized into geographic areas, enabling customers to choose all, or portions of, content based on their own unique business needs. The various modules provide convenient, targeted coverage of their respective region's most important product clearance and environmental, health and safety (EH&S) regulations - plus advisory lists from non-governmental organizations. 3E's Ariel Global Research Team works closely with regulatory agencies at the federal, state and provincial levels to ensure the most accurate data is available.

All Ariel content is supported and enhanced by Ariel Generics, which is information that helps identify regulatory requirements for chemicals that are not specifically named in the regulations, but that are regulated nonetheless, as members of thousands of classes of chemical substances. Access to Ariel Chemical Property and Hazard Data is available via Ariel EH&S Decision Support Tools:

Web-based reference content

Ariel product safety content is available as individual regional modules through a subscription to Ariel WebInsight, our web-based global chemical regulatory compliance tool.

System integrated data

Ariel product safety content can also be added as modules to Ariel Data Manager (ADM), for easy integration into corporate applications, such as SAP EHS Management, ChemSW's CISPro, SciQuest, The WERCS or other custom systems.

The Ariel Foundation

The foundational core of Ariel products is the massive aggregation of global regulatory content that is delivered or accessed by our web-based reference or integrated data decision support tools. These products provide up-to-date, comprehensive global regulatory information containing thousands of searchable chemical lists, full-text regulations and compliance guides covering several dozen countries. Access to this collection of global regulatory content provides unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with complex and ever changing EH&S requirements. 3E's Global Research Team consists of international, multi-lingual experienced product stewards, industrial hygienists, attorneys, chemists and chemical engineers, MSDS experts and EH&S systems consultants, all of whom are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information available.

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