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Providing a safe and healthy living and working environment is one of the major challenges facing public sector buildings, institutions, office buildings and private industrial and commercial facilities. As environmental regulations become stricter and more is learned about health risks and exposures, there is a need for careful assessment and proactive planning to mitigate potential health and safety impacts.

Cost-effective design and program management can result in reduced potential for injury, liability and minimization of operating costs. Pollution prevention can be the key to environmental health.

A complete range of services can be provided in the areas of Industrial Hygiene, Asbestos Investigation and Abatement, Process Risk Management, OSHA compliance, Air Quality, Toxicology, Safety, Regulatory Analysis and in the growing field of Indoor Air Quality.

Licensed, professional resources are available to achieve client objectives whether the need is immediate and specific or complex and long-term. All phases of asbestos management can be addressed from initial surveys, investigations and sampling, to preparation of Abatement Plans, Construction and air monitoring, laboratory analysis and construction management services.

Professional staff include environmental engineers and scientists, USEPA-AHERA Licensed Asbestos Project Designers, Building Investigators and Inspectors, Air Sampling Technicians, Project Monitors, Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), architects, mechanical and structural engineers, chemists, toxicologist, designers, draftspeople and affiliated certified testing laboratories. Technicians, monitors and designers are licensed in New York State (Department of Labor and New Jersey, DCA and DOL). GEA also has the capability to provide on-site AAR microscopists for immediate testing of asbestos. Resources also include an array of testing equipment, field instruments, computer modelling and support facilities.

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