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Asbestos Management and Consultancy Service



There are a number of issues caused by asbestos which ESG can help you with. An estimated 1.5 million buildings in the UK today, still contain asbestos. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, prohibits its importation, supply and use. Regulation 4 requires the “dutyholder” (person or organisation that has clear responsibility for the maintenance or repair) of non-domestic premises to meet a number of legal obligations, such as: Assessing the risk of asbestos exposure. Keeping an up-to-date record of its location and condition. Creating and implementing a plan to manage the risk.

How we can help

ESG can support your business in meeting its objectives and complying with the regulations. We have over 100 asbestos specialists, providing asbestos services including:

  • Asbestos surveys and assessment
  • Contaminated land investigation expertise
  • Statutory re-inspections
  • Sampling and material identification in UKAS accredited laboratories
  • A complete air monitoring and 4-stage clearance in accordance with HSG248
  • Occupational exposure monitoring
  • Advice on the development of policy and risk management systems, including health and safety
  • Asbestos Awareness Training

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