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Asbestos Management Services



The duty to manage asbestos legislation was introduced on 21st May 2004. This duty is not only limited to an asbestos survey but the legislation is specific to the safe management of asbestos through the implementation of a vigorous asbestos management process.

The contents of an asbestos management plan sets out a 'Duty to Manage' for both known and presumed asbestos, to allow the asbestos management plan to be regularly and strictly monitored ensuring the potential danger of asbestos can be kept to an absolute minimum.

An asbestos management plan should contain the following information; Asbestos Information, Laboratory assessments of samples, asbestos management action plan, time-scales for asbestos monitoring and re-inspection, training plans, responsibilities and duties of staff, duties of the assigned Asbestos Controller and emergency procedures.

Our REC Asbestos surveyors create bespoke asbestos management plans and procedures to ensure our clients requirements are fulfilled in accordance with asbestos management regulations.

Asbestos Management Services

  • Asbestos expert witness.
  • Provision of asbestos project management.
  • Asbestos smoke test witness.
  • Leakage testing during asbestos removal work.
  • Creation of specifications for tender packages.
  • Quotation reviews.
  • Overall supervision of contractors.

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