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Asbestos,  which was used in many common building materials, is a natural mineral found in rock through many geographic regions of the world. Federal, state and local regulations were established due to the hazards of asbestos exposures. From 1970 to 2000 there were approximately 600,000 liability claims or suits related toasbestos exposure which resulted in the payment of more than $70 billion in legal judgments and/or settlement penalty damages.

Targets of asbestos lawsuits have included:

  • Employers
  • Asbestos manufacturers
  • Asbestos installers
  • Property owners
  • Leasing Agents

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can assess a monetary civil penalty up to $15,127.00 per day per non-compliance violation.

Even though it is widely known that asbestos is a carcinogen, not all asbestos uses are banned today. According to EPA, some of the following asbestos-containing products are no longer subject to the 1989 Toxic Substances Control Act:

  • Asbestos-cement corrugated and flat sheets
  • Roofing felt
  • Vinyl-asbestos floor tile
  • Asbestos-cement pipe
  • Gaskets
  • Non-roofing coatings and roof coating

This means that any home or building could have asbestos containing building materials installed. In order to obtain a General Consolidated Permit in Puerto Rico you will need a certificate that states that there is no asbestos in the project. The following criterion applies:

  • Must be performed by an accredited asbestos inspector
  • Construction date of the project is not a consideration
  • Completion of the form OGP-PGC

Zimmetry can keep you on the right track in addressing asbestos issues within your facilities by:

  • Having accredited asbestos inspectors
  • Using NVLAP accredited laboratories
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory standards, including the OSHA asbestos standards and applicable EPA regulations
  • Performing required inspections and re-inspections according to the EPA's AHERA regulation, project oversights and staff training
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art onsite equipment and inspection techniques
  • Development of comprehensive inspection reports

Accomplish full compliance with our asbestos consultation by counting on:

  • Expert interpretation of applicable asbestos regulatory standards for over ten years
  • Utilized as expert witnesses and presenters to government agencies on asbestos issues
  • Customized presentations to staff/building occupants who express asbestos concern

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