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Assembling power systems is a complex task — and the stakes are high.  For peak performance and efficiency, the engine and its components must be carefully matched and calibrated according to the application. Any errors or inefficiencies will be compounded over time and across units, which can have costly consequences for a company.

PSI makes sourcing power systems simple with integrated assembly solutions for the industrial and on-road sectors. All PSI engines are available as complete powertrain packages specifically customized to meet the needs of the application. Our industry-leading engineersdesign each assembly, sourcing each component according to intended run conditions. Each package is tested and carefully calibrated using sophisticated simulation equipment.

We pair our engines with high-performing peripherals in compact, intelligently-designed assemblies that fit where you need them to. What’s more, sourcing components with us eliminates supply-chain concerns, and PSI’s global purchasing power allows us to supply you with components at a fraction of the cost.

Other reasons to outsource your engine dress to us:

  • The use of standard parts streamlines service —  your technicians can be trained on just one service model, with standard tools and diagnostics across our entire product family
  • Open technology architecture ensures that customers receive the latest innovations along with the maximum flexibility for future upgrades or adaptations
  • UL Components provide rugged reliability and reduce the need for in-application testing

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