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Assessing the Olfactory Impact of The Site


Assessing the Olfactory Impact of The Site

  • To meet regulatory requirements on odor nuisance
  • To respond to complaints from local residents and respect their quality of life
  • To view on a map, the dispersion of emission to assess the extent of potential nuisances
  • To define the emission limit values based on non-exceedance thresholds in the vicinity of the site
  • To optimize the size of facilities to reduce odor nuisances
  • To identify the source or predominant site in terms of impact on the neighborhood

  • Odor audit
    • Our teams perform a site visit to take stock of the situation, identify relevant information and propose an action plan suitable for diagnosis.
  • Odor diagnosis
    • The olfactometric study provides you with the results necessary to target your actions on the most emissive sources, meet regulatory requirements and model the dispersion of pollutants around the site.
  • Odor impact assessment
    • Site specific, the impact assessment provides annual dispersion maps and the theoretical concentrations in the vicinity.

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