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The Security Assessment “is an essential and integral part of the process of developing and updating” maritime security plans (ISPS Code sections A/8.1 & A/15.1). It must be updated “each time” an MTSA Security Plan “is submitted for re-approval or revision” (33 CFR sections 104.31(c) & 106.31(c)). Conditions have surely changed since your security plan was originally approved. Have there been physical alterations? Have operations been modified? Such changes affect the validity of your existing Security Assessment, as, in the US, does the introduction of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). Are you equipped to handle, and can your personnel afford to spend the time on, this detail-oriented process? Let MPS maritime security experts shoulder this burden for you. We use standard Coast Guard protocols to get the job done in a cost-effective manner.

ISPS Code / MTSA Security Plans:

Whether covering ships, port facilities, or Outer Continental Shelf facilities, maritime security plans are the basis for establishing security. Our methodology, applicable to both new plans and revisions, ensures thatthe finished product both meets or exceeds all ISPS Code or MTSA requirements and makes practical sense from a management perspective.

In addition to having to revalidate/update your ISPS Code/MTSA Security Assessment, the upcoming Security Plan re-approval process will require you to incorporate modifications that take into account any changes in your physical layout or your emergency response procedures, security measures, or operations. In the Untied States, your Plan will now have to take TWIC into account including how you will use it at the different MARSEC levels, how it will be incorporated in your access control procedures, how you will identify authorized and unauthorized persons in secure areas, how you will handle lost, stolen, or damaged cards, how you will handle new hires, and how you will respond to unauthorized access to or activities in secure areas and to “suspicious TWIC activity.”

We have prepared security assessments and security plans for ships around the world and for port facilities both in the United States and abroad. Our maritime security specialists have been asked repeatedly by the International Maritime Organization to conduct National Needs Assessments for various countries. We pioneered the development of security plans for FPSOs in the North Sea and now off Nigeria.

What others say about us:

“This plan was reviewed and approved in one day. Except for plans that were written using a template, I am unaware of any VSPs that made it through the entire process in a single day. The reason this happened is because the plan was excellent. It would make life very easy for us if all plans were as ‘up to par’ as this one. Kudos.”

(From US Coast Guard plan review.)

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