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Running a retail forecourt network, whether it's three sites or three hundred or more is hard enough.Your focus is on the shop and the main concern on the fuel side is making a margin. Ensuring that you are getting the best service from your forecourt equipment and contractors is probably way down the list.Working with a leading supermarket fuel retailer for the last 6 years we have built a system that allows everybody involved to have full visibility of the forecourt maintenance process end-to-end. Via our web-based portal, each user is able to view the status of their maintenance calls in real time, knowing that other users seeing the same information ensures optimum performance from all stakeholders.

We DO NOT simply log a call via an automated system or some generic call centre handling many industries and call types! Your call will be taking by a fully trained call-handler, supported by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable forecourt systems managers in the UK. Our highly detailed call logging script ensures that your contractor receives a high level of detail to allow them to attend the call fully prepared to deal and fix the problem on time.

As soon as the call is completed, the instruction is sent immediately to the contractor via their own web link into our system and / or by email and phone. From this point on, the contractor performance is measured at each point in the process, even the amount of time it takes them to view and acknowledge the call on the system.

Once a call is logged, the job doesn't stop there. A combination of automated alerts, emails and most importantly, our call handlers chasing outstanding calls by phone and email, ensure your site equipment is up and running as soon as possible. All these events are updated within the call so you have full visibility via the web and email alerts of the status of all calls. Where a call incurs further cost or visits, all these details are updated on the system with any authorisation approval requests being raised where required.

We all know that suppliers can come up with reporting that makes them look good, no matter how bad they are performing. Our report manager allows you to analyse any aspect of a contractor's performance and costs in a standard format for all service providers. It allows you to compare performance of contractors to help you in negotiating better deals and driving performance improvement.

At site level we know that with staff rotas and holidays it can be hard for site managers to keep track of issues on their own site. Our Site Dashboard gives them full visibility of all open and historical calls, see any planned maintenance visits and can also give them access to their site documentation and compliance paperwork and records via our 'e site register'.

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