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Asset Management Services


Constructed wetlands are not a maintenance-free solution to wastewater treatment as they do require a low level of maintenance, but once the investment has been made you will want to be sure of achieving the best possible results and prolong the productive life of your asset. Prompt action on asset assessment recommendations and effective asset management programmes reduce the need for refurbishment and minimise the risk of compliance failure and prosecution.

We provide asset management services to suit your exact requirements. Our planned programmes include a variety of services such as regular weeding, pipework maintenance, fixing breakages, repairing broken channels, equipment servicing and performance monitoring.

A number of visits are carried out each year to keep systems running smoothly. You will also be fully informed with site visit reports specifying work undertaken and highlighting potential issues to give peace of mind.

Each asset management programme is tailored to your specific site and need. It does not matter if we have designed or built the reed bed ourselves as our service covers systems and equipment provided by others including: filtration plants, package plants, balancing tanks, septic tanks and soakaways.

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