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The management of assets represents a key function in the performance of companies. This is particularly true for utility companies which are asset intensive, require significant investment in fixed assets, and which rely on the performance of those fixed assets to meet required levels of service. WRc has extensive knowledge in asset management of utilities and provides expertise to help our clients select, maintain, monitor and renew their assets in order to minimise whole life costs, maximise performance and ensure maintenance of required levels of service. Developing a sustainable asset management strategy requires optimisation of asset life including serviceability, performance and expenditure.

WRc’s asset management team can provide integrated solutions using the following services and tools:

  • Audit of asset data to assess quality, quantity and accuracy of asset data
  • Risk assessment and management to support asset management decision making
  • Performance and serviceability assessment of individual or groups of assets e.g. development of KPIs, identification and closure of data gaps
  • Performance and condition monitoring and modelling (using statistical/deterministic methods) to forecast future scenarios
  • Deterioration analysis to predict changes in asset condition, performance and the impact on serviceability
  • Strategies development for rehabilitation and maintenance planning, from an organisational level through to asset specific needs
  • Operations and Capital cost modelling e.g. cost benefit analysis, whole life costing
  • Infrastructure/pipeline and above ground asset condition, risk assessment and failure analysis
  • Visualisation to maximise utilisation of data and processes by decision makers
  • Developing best practice guidance/manuals with stakeholders
  • Dispute management in asset operation/failure including provision of expert witness services

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