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Association Management Services


The services we offer are meant to facilitate associations in daily executive and administrative activities, in order to help them reaching their goals, achieving success and members’ satisfaction. Our dedicated professional team provides top quality services to scientific and other associations, ensuring full transparency and secure financial management, operating with enthusiasm and with a real partnership approach, thus allowing officers to focus on professional and scientific matters rather than work on day-to-day operations. Our association management experts develop and propose ideas and new approaches, using innovative tools to reach the members. Furthermore, scientific associations may benefit of our expertise in understanding their objectives and optimizing their strategies, choosing us also for their congresses and other events as Core PCO, so establishing a long term relationship which would ensure advantages in terms of time/cost saving, continuity and efficiency.


  • Provision of address/central office and management of dedicated phone line and e-mail
  • Day to day administration and communication with members, board and committees 
  • Database management and collection of membership dues
  • Documentation, newsletters and information management
  • Financial management and business counselling
  • Promotion and marketing activities (market research and strategies)
  • Fundraising programs, sponsorship and corporate relations
  • Technical coordination (including web interface, IT solutions)
  • Website creation and maintenance and support for on-line educational activities
  • CME advise and educational programs

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