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Mayer Information Technology provides automated payment solutions by interfacing our software to ATM machines.

Mayer scale software will drive the ATM providing a secure and efficient system for automating cash payments at your scrap yards. ATM machines can be installed in a number of configurations, either a standard 'hole in the wall' configuration or completely stand alone in a secure housing.


Scrap metal is purchased in many locations from small peddlers who require cash.  Payment is made to the customer by presenting a card instead of cash.   The card is then inserted into an ATM at the site and the customer is paid.  A database and video record is kept for each transaction.

The Cash Payment System is comprised of cash payment software, a computer system, an ATM and a card encoder. This system provides the capability to distribute funds to a customer who delivers scrap metal to the yard. The process is as follows: a scrap customer drives a truck loaded with scrap onto the scrap yards scale. The customer then drives into the yard, unloads the truck and drives back onto the scale. The scale system calculates the difference of the two scale readings to reach a dollar amount for the purchase. The attendant selects cash payment from the Mayer Scale application, slides a magnetic striped card (ATM Card) through a card encoder that is attached to the scale system PC. The ticket number and the dollar amount information is securely encrypted on the card which is presented to the customer. The customer inserts the card in the Cash Payment System ATM the ATM retains the card and the customer is presented with cash rounded to the nearest dollar.

ATM systems can also be installed with integrated coin dispensers to pay amounts of lower denominations.

The ATM is the same one used in the banks just programmed differently. It has four cash cassettes and holds any denomination usually 50’s, 20’s, 5’s and 1’s. The computer that drives the ATM logs each transaction and keeps track of how much cash is in each cassette at any time. The computer has remote modem access for technical support and is also attached to the local network for file retrieval. An armored car company can replenish the Cash Payment System so the cash never touches an employee’s hands. This reduces attendant costs, cash shortages and offers a secure environment for employees. The Cash Payment System entices new customers by offering secure access to cash.

Mayer Information Technologies integrated Cash Reporting facilities within Material Manager can then provide audit and current cash balance reports in addition to remote site cash request and ordering facilities.

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