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Atmospheric Microfiltration Services

Atmospheric microfiltration is applied for very fine filtration of great water volumes before their next usage. The MICROFILTR OD is used for microfiltration of cooling water circuits, additional water of closed cooling systems, process water in energy production, rubber and chemical industry, paper mills, or very fine filtration of wastewater. Atmospheric MICROFILTR OD is fitted into channels, or pipelines with free inlet and outlet. The necessary overpressure, to master the filter sieve resistance, is reached by means of a water level difference in front of the sieve and behind the sieve, which increases with the sieve clogging. The impurities caught on the sieve are sucked away by a sucking pump. The MICROFILTER OD does not require to create an overpressure in the pipeline by means of a pump, thus the energy consumption of atmospheric microfiltration is low.

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