Audit Management Software


Automate and standardise the management of your audit and governance activities and improvement strategies. Real-time views show you the status of all your audit instruments, schedules, reports, non-compliances, and corrective actions. Aggregate and analyse data from your audit activities to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Build your own audit instruments or modify our available starter templates. Define the audit criteria, assessment method, and scoring model and add tips and instructions for your auditors and categories to collate results. Access and maintain these audit instruments via a centralised library.

Set up audit schedules and link them to the audit instrument to be used. Assign the audit tasks to relevant locations or groups, set the completion date, and assign responsibilities. Audits can be scheduled for a single occurrence across multiple locations or on a recurring basis. 

Monitor the completion status of your audit schedules across all locations. View audit results and outcomes as audits are completed or while in progress.

Create audit report templates and automatically combine audit results, graphs, and action plan information collected as part of the audit process.

View and manage the completion of corrective actions using automated action reminders, centralised action status reports, and action completion key performance indicators and visualisers.

Link material non-compliances to your incident management process to drive the investigation, causal analysis, corrective and preventative action assignment process. 

Automate the collation and aggregation of all your audit scores, non-compliance, and action management data to identify your system strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Managing your audit

iSystain can help you manage your personalised needs with our built-in audit customisation. Build your own audit instruments or modify our available starter templates to define your personalised audit criteria.

  • The centralised library of audit instruments provides opportunities to share, reuse, and copy existing audit instruments. This reduces duplication of effort, helps compare apples with apples, stores auditor knowledge, and improves integrity.
  • The Audit Instrument builder includes fields to add guidance notes, instructions, and tips for auditors. This promotes consistency across the audit programme, reduces arbitrary evaluation approaches, and builds auditor knowledge and confidence.
  • View the status of all audits across the company, drill down into bottlenecks and issues.
  •  Audits generate multiple outcomes in the form of non-compliances, corrective actions, improvement opportunities, and results to be managed. Our Audit module links all these outcomes to the audit source while tracking the close out of all actions via our centralised Action Manager.
  • Because you're using audit instruments, aggregation of results is easy. You'll get great data for analysis of system and organisational strengths and weaknesses. This information can be used to guide improvement planning and justify budget decisions.
  • Integrate audit content, activities, and outcomes into your company's governance and sustainable development performance drivers.

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