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FF-Automation has almost 40 years experience of automation hardware design, manufacturing and realizing complete turnkey RTU & SCADA project solutions for remote monitoring an control projects. FF-Automation makes turnkey projects with specialized system integrator companies, OEM manufacturers or directly to end customers. We are using mainly our own AutoLog products in our projects. AutoLog products are designed, manufactured and tested in Finland by FF-Automation since 1976.

Typical projects:

Monitoring and controlling geographically widely distributed facilities via GSM network: 
(The list of existing applications bellow):

OEM data logging solutions from device or -machinevia GSM network to Internet Cloud SCADA: 
(The list of existing applications bellow):

Remote monitoring and control solutions via UHF radio and TETRA network:
(The list of existing applications bellow):

WSN-868 MHz Wireless I/O & -Sensor Network solutions
(The list of existing applications bellow):

  • Bus deposit heating control systems
  • Tankage area monitoring and controlling systems
  • Battery operated monitoring systems
  • Battery operated temporarily installed test systems
  • Building moisture and heater control systems with IoT datalogging
  • Any Modbus to wireless I/O solution

AutoLog Complete Solution - services consept

FF-Automation's AutoLog® Complete Solution - service concept is a set of products and services that forms the complete solution for customer's remote supervision needs. Every RTU and SCADA project is different. AutoLog® Complete Solution -service concept defines the needed features for RTU devices, SCADA solution and communication. It also defines system testings, commissioning, training, maintenance and support services. Everything is defined with customer to find the best solution that will meet the application specifications and will have successful and long-term operation.

RTUs, SCADA and Communication

FF-Automation offers complete solution from RTU's I/O level up to SCADA level. Everything is designed, manufactured and programmed to fit with the project needs and specifications. In addition to AutoLog® RTU -devices, FF-Automation uses network devices, modems etc. only from well-known manufacturer's to form reliable proven complete solution that can be priced beforehand.

Testing and Commissioning

In order for customer to be able to verify that the system works as specified, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is made. In addition Site Acceptance Test (SAT) can be made during the commissioning.

Training, Maintenance and Support

FF-Automation knows that realizing successful RTU and SCADA project needs long-term customer services.Complete system training for users and maintenance persons. Written installation, user and maintenance manuals.System maintaince tasks should be defined. All tasks can be done done by trained and authorized customer or some or all task can be done by FF-Automation.Maintenance service includes also guaranteed spare part delivery to customer. Support service includes any technical support for system.

AutoLog® Complete Solution-service concept includes:

  • AutoLog® RTU devices: needed I/O count and type, communication method, power supply, low power solutions, enclosure, HMI, terminal blocks, wirings, fuzes, relays, isolations etc.
  • SCADA solutions: Measurement and alarm data collection to database, graphical Control room / HMI / Web / Cloud SCADA application interfaces, trends, alarms, process pictures, reports, gsm alarms, e-mail alarms etc.
  • Communication: Customer consulting and communication designing. Wire bound and wireless solutions. Supplying Radio modems (-40...+70°) and GSM modems (-40...+70°) and other communication modems.
  • Application programming for AutoLog® RTUs. Data collection, historical data logging, calculations, controls, intelligent alarms, counters etc.
  • FAT tests: System is tested to meet the specifications in the simulated conditions before delivery.
  • SAT tests: System is tested to meet the specifications during the commissioning.
  • Commissioning: Complete solution is installed for operation.
  • Training: Installation, usage- and maintenance training for the complete system.
  • Maintenance and support: Spare part service, maintenance services, software upgrade service, developing new features etc. to keep system up-to-date and running.

Select the best - select FF-Automation!

  • FF-Automation has almost four decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning RTU & SCADA systems for numerous projects. For example world's biggest oil and gas producer companies trust their production on AutoLog® RTUs
  • FF-Automation RTU projects are open for future expansions. We use common mainstream technology in our products and in communication to have long life-span for the system. Also using mainstream technology guarantees that future expansions can be made cost effectively.
  • System is easy to maintain; any software application changes can be made remotely.
  • AutoLog® Complete Solution -service concept gives cost-effective, fail-tolerant and multi-featured solution for customer's RTU & SCADA applications.
  • With FF-Automation customer can have direct contacts with actual RTU manufacturers and SCADA system designers.
  • 10 years spare part guarante

Examples of delivered RTU projects :

  • Oli and gas pipelines cathodic protection, supervision system (Radio), Saudi-Arabia
  • Gas wellheads supervision (Radio), Iran, Egypt
  • Transformer stations supervision system (Radio), Russia & UK
  • Tank level supervision (GSM), Finland, Sweden & UK
  • Waterworks pumping station supervision (GSM), Finland
  • Buildings supervision (GSM), Finland
  • Solar energy building supervision (TETRA), Finland

Ask for an AutoLog® proposal

Without commitment FF-Automation will analyse your application or equipment requirements free of charge.  Therefore there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting an AutoLog quotation for a system to monitor and control your application whether it is process, facility, machine or equipment.

AutoLog® RTU- and PLC controller service

FF-Automation guarantees the delivery of spare parts for 10 years after initial product delivery, and will carry out the service for AutoLog® control systems according to a predefined order of priority and price structure. So there are no unpleasant surprises or additional costs with AutoLog®. 
We can supply our customers, machine and equipment manufacturers, with their own stock of spare parts for easy servicing of their equipment. If desired, the total pricing of an AutoLog® control system can be determined on the basis of a service contract.

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