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  • Puraflex Chemical Resistance Testing

    Puraflex has been tested to the following EN Chemical Resistance Standards. Note that ASTM D5322 is a widely recognised test method for chemical resistance and it is incorporated within the EPA Method 9090 and ASTM D5747. Both EN 14414 and EN 14415 incorporate the ASTM D5322 test procedures.

    By Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd. based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Puraflex Chemical Resistance Testing Service line

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    Ultrafiltration Device

    atech innovations produces an ultrafiltration device based on ceramic membrane technology. Ceramic membranes can be used for ultrafiltration starting at 5 kD and microfiltration up to 1.2 µm. atech's products offer a long lifespan, due to high thermal, chemical and mechanical strength, as well as resistance to pressure and concentrated ...

    By atech innovations gmbh based in Gladbeck, GERMANY. from Ultrafiltration Device Service line

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    UV Dose & System Selection Services

    UV dose: UV light output at 254 nanometres is known as UVC light (germicidal region). UVC light has the ability to inactivate all known microorganisms, bacteria, pathogens, virus and moulds, including chemically resistant organisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV dose is measured in mJ/cm2. Systems are typically sized in two ways: To ...

    By atg UV Technology based in Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM. from UV Dose & System Selection Services Service line

  • Chemical Analysis Services

    Material composition is critical to a material's machinability, durability and stability in it's intended use.  As products have diversified, we've seen a surge of new alloys, coatings, polymers and emerging materials including fiber-reinforced composites and ceramics. Manufacturers are constantly developing new lighter, stronger and more ...

    By IMR Test Labs based in Lansing, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Sigma Test & Research Centre - Paint & Coating Testing Services

    Paint Testing, Abrasion Resistance, Adhesion, Alkali Resistance of Paint, Cass Test, Chemical Resistance, Chip Resistance, Coating Hardness, Coating Surface roughness/Profile, Coating Thickness, Condensing Humidity, Crosshatch Adherence, Cyclic Corrosion, Drying Time, Failure Analysis,Falling Weight, Flexibility,Free Falling Sand Abrasion, FTIR, ...

    By Sigma Test and Research Centre based in Delhi, INDIA. from Paint & Coating Testing Services Service line

  • Physical And Chemical Treatment Services

    Due to Regional decision n° A2952 of 11/09/08, Navarra Inc. can perform processes of waste stabilization. This D9 activity is a chemical-physical process that neutralizes contaminated substances by fixing them inside a neutral matrix; fixing agents (like lime, cement, silicates etc.,) then, are mixed with waste. The so produced product is ...

    By Navarra S.p.A. based in Ferentino (FR), ITALY.

  • Designing and Engineering Services

    Designing and engineering capability are key for a project success. Design of FRP product usually consider seismic condition, wind load, rain load, internal pressure inside tank or vessel, vacuum, hydraulic pressure, while chemical resistance for corrosive liquid or gas. At Zhongyi, our expertise have a unique knowledge of composite material, ...

    By Zhongyi GRP Industrial based in Jizhou, CHINA.

  • Testing

    We have our own plastics testing laboratory for FRP and Thermoplastics. Testing is used for control of our own fabrication as well as a service to outside clients on a fee basis. We offer the following: Mechanical Testing: tensile, Flexural Strength, Flexural Modulus, Strain Gauging, Glass Contents Burnouts, Chemical Resistance Testing, Flame ...

    By Fabricated Plastics Limited based in Maple, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Petrochemical

    One of Acotec’s activities is protecting petrochemical structures from corrosion. This may be a pipe or pipeline structure used for oil & gas transport. Similar systems and tools are available as described under ‘pipes and pipelines’. Other structures in petrochemical could be storage tanks used to store oil, chemicals, acids ...

    By Acotec NV based in Erembodegem, BELGIUM.

  • Sigma Test & Research Centre - Granite/Marble Testing Services

    Granite/Marble Testing ServicesWater absorption: Test Method: IS: 1124-1974, IS: 13030-1991, ASTM C 97-2009Mohs Hardness: Test Method: IS: 13630 (P-13) 2006Modulus Rapture: Test Method: IS: ASTM C 99-2009, IS: 1578 (P-5)1993Dimension Testing: Test Method: IS: 1130-1969, IS: 3316-1974, IS: 14223 (P-1) 1995, IS: 3622-1977, ASTM C 625, 616, 629, ...

    By Sigma Test and Research Centre based in Delhi, INDIA. from Granite/Marble Testing Services Service line

  • KlickFix

    KlickFix cartridges are manufactured from materials that provide an excellent resistance to chemical attack enabling reliable sealing to be achieved with a very broad range of fluid media.

    By James Walker Australia Pty Ltd based in Regents Park, AUSTRALIA. from KlickFix Service line

  • Kenway - Tank & Tower Installation Services

    Kenway specializes in the fabrication and onsite chemical storage tank installation of new and replacement tanks across the United States including chloralkali tank installation. We combine over 60 years of experience with engineering expertise in the design and fabrication of cost-effective heavy corrosion resistant tanks and vessels. We have an ...

    By Kenway Corporation based in Augusta, MAINE (USA).

  • Installation of Zero Leak Seals in Valves for Hydrocarbon service

    Zero Leak Valve Seal is braided in a round cross section from 100% pure, unsintered PTFE tapes. This is a dual layer product. To reach near perfect impermeability for both fluids and gases, Zero Leak Valve Seal gets additionally wrapped with a layer of pure PTFE tapes. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

    By Siddharth Enterprises based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Reservoirs

    Reservoirs are designed to safely store a valuable liquid. Over time, poor resistance of the structure to environmental agents, action of the retained water, of the environment and of water treatment chemicals, may affect watertightness and jeopardize water quality. Carpi waterproofing geomembrane systems are installed to provide imperviousness at ...

    By CARPI based in Balerna, SWITZERLAND. from Reservoirs Service line

  • Stress Analysis, Design & Engineering Services

    Designing components for handling, storing and processing corrosive or abrasive liquids and gases is a challenge best handled by composite specialists. Engineers must consider resin formulation, glass and synthetic material selection, corrosion barriers and other features unique to composites. They must design the corrosion resistant liner and ...

    By Plasticon UK Limited based in Hull, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hastealloy - Hastealloy Bar | Pipe | Plate supplier

    The Hastealloy alloys are corrosion resistant that are widely used by various industries specially by chemical industries, health and environment, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and more.Ashapura Steels & Engineering is a leading supplier of Hastealloy bars, pipes and plates in India and worldwide. We assure that the materials we supply should reach ...

    By Ashapura Steels based in INDIA.

  • Label Customization Services

    At the core of our business is solving our customers individual labeling challenges. It’s what we do best. The majority of our customers have a label that has been designed specifically for their own business use. Because of the variety of ways labels are used and the shapes and sizes, colors, resistant to different temperatures or ...

    By Computype Inc. based in St. Paul, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Pickling

    The Pickling process utilizes more aggressive acids than those used in passivation. The acids used when pickling the stainless steel surface can remove or dissolve existing oxidation, weld oxides, embedded particles and scale that can build up on stainless steel during real-world fabrication, welding and handling. Pickling is used extensively to ...

    By Harrison Electropolishing L.P. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Bison ProFab - Pour in place Silicone Gasket

    Sonderhoff Fermasil silicone gasket is the ideal application for all of your enclosure door and cover sealing needs. FERMASIL is the trade name for the two-component silicone system from Sonderhoff Chemicals for manufacturing of flexible silicone elastomers and silicone foam sealing, which are applied directly onto the part by using FIPFG ...

    By Bison Profab based in Magnolia, TEXAS (USA).

  • Bulk Electropolishing Services

    Are you searching for an economical way to brighten and passivate your stainless steel fasteners, springs or other small parts. In the early 1990’s, Able Electropolishing developed a bulk electropolishing process that was designed specifically to provide a bright and passive surface on stainless steel fasteners. Responding to our customer ...

    By Able Electropolishing based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

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