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Aviation Wastewater Treatment Service


On-site treatment and recycling of aviation industry liquid wastes: AdTech’s unique technologies are used as required to solve various distinctive wastewater disposal problems on air bases, both military and civil. If you are sending wastewater off-site, not only are you paying too much, but you’re also incurring unnecessary wastage. AdTech will show you how to dramatically reduce your reported waste and save you money at the same time.

While certain engineered equipment such as separators and clarifiers are commonly used, as far as we are aware no other company in the world is currently using AdTech’s unique technologies focused on the material that is at their core… and certainly not in the niche markets in which we’re operating.

AdTech provides solutions to all forms of wastewater treatment problems - whether a permanent plant set-up or regular on-site treatment service. We work with our clients to find the solution that best suits their needs. We use a combination of our own proprietary equipment together with commercially available traditional equipment, to ensure that the best treatment outcome is achieved.

Each wastewater stream is unique and we believe in providing individually tailored solutions for each waste stream, right down to the end use of the treated water. Whether fully recycled, re-used as secondary or irrigation water or discharged to sewer, the choice is yours.

If you purchase a permanent plant, we strongly recommend combining that purchase with a collateral service contract. Such a contract provides ongoing technical support and maintenance, as well as the supply of any and all consumables. This protects our clients from plant misuse or neglect and ensures trouble-free operation for the life of the plant.

Many of our clients select our on-site service option. In this instance, AdTech provides all the treatment equipment, labour and consumables and charges a ‘per litre price’ for the service. Typically our price has resulted in up to a 60% saving on the cost of off-site disposal. This low capital option has many advantages, including the ability to maintain control of the waste from “cradle to grave” – usually the responsibility of waste generators under Government Regulations.

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