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Valpak Limited

Away From Home Waste



With the UK Government turning its attention to 'recycling on the go' in order to address the issue of away from home waste, we have the knowledge and proven practical experience to help.

Having devised and directed a cross-sectoral partnership project to address 'away from home waste' in Glasgow City Centre, we have produced an economically sustainable and easily transferable model to enable 'recycling on the go'.

Key Service Provisions

Key service provisions include:

  • existing recycling service infrastructure appraisal
  • cost benefit analysis for recycling service and/or infrastructure improvements
  • carbon footprinting of the service to ensure environmental sustainability
  • a locally appropriate recycling solution, including engaging with and coordinating cross-sectoral partners

Who Would Benefit From the Service

The type of organisations who could benefit from this service include local authorities, social enterprises and private sector organisations seeking corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunities.

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