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The BeeKeeper Service Program (BeeKeeper) ensures GridBee and SolarBee equipment is well maintained and operating at peak performance thus achieving the best possible water quality. The BeeKeeper allows our customers to take full advantage of our equipment, experience and training to protect their investment in water quality.

  • Universal Damage Repair
    Tornados, hurricanes, vandalism, and lightning - it's all covered! All structural repairs and replacement parts needed for Medora Corporation manufactured equipment caused by damage incurred due to events such as: acts of nature, accidents and vandalism are covered.
  • System Upgrades and Updates
    Technology moves fast in today's world and we are moving just as fast to keep on the leading edge. All applicable hardware, software, and firmware upgrades manufactured by Medora Corporation are included at no charge as they become available for all equipment manufactured by Medora Corporation. Millions of dollars has been invested by Medora Corporation to develop our products and continually improve them for increased machine performance, self-diagnostics, self-repair and reliability.
  • Access To On-Staff Water Quality Experts
    Our water quality experts are available for data analysis and application troubleshooting if the need arises. Medora Corporation obtained water quality data and customer water quality data will be analyzed including expert review and free conference calls to discuss water quality issues. Medora Corporation employs many experts in the water quality field including specialized areas such as limnology, hydrology, wastewater, biology, and engineering.
  • Guaranteed Annual On-Site Maintenance
    A complete inspection is performed for mechanical, structural, and electronic components of the Medora Corporation manufactured equipment. All necessary or advisable machine repairs and/or upgrades are completed. Water quality testing will also be conducted at the time of service (weather permitting).
  • On-Site Crew Response for Critical Application & Operational Service Issues
    We currently have a minimum of ten field crews in the US and Canada for all your service needs. Each crew consists of two to four technicians trained specifically in SolarBee and GridBee deployment, service, operation, and performance. The field personnel are fully equipped with all necessary tools including water testing equipment.
  • Removal. Storage and Redeployment
    If GridBee or SolarBee equipment needs to be removed for any reason, Medora Corporation offers removal, storage, and redeployment of the machine at a discounted BeeKeeper rate.
  • Trained and Experienced Service Technicians
    Our BeeKeeper service program allows our customers to take advantage of our highly trained service technicians. We have the equipment, experience, and training to ensure the machines are well maintained while following OSHA regulations. Our dedication to safety and high level of training has earned us the prestigious SHARP recognition award. We have the means to safely service the equipment whether in a tank, reservoir, or wastewater pond.

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