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Benefits of Slow-Release Struvite


Multiform Harvest harvests struvite quickly and processes it offsite. This enables maximum flexibility in designing a product that best fits your market needs.  We've perfected a processing system that allows struvite to be blended with any other nutrients to create the very best fertilizer product. The final product can be shaped into tablets, spikes, and pellets, and provides flexibility to meet the market needs of today, and those of the future. Multiform Harvest struvite fertilizer provides a slow-release source of phosphorus, magnesium and nitrogen that features low inherent water solubility.     

This offers a unique opportunity in terms of placing the fertilizer directly in the root zone of the seedling plant and essentially “spoon-feeding” the roots with phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium as the plant grows. This not only increases the efficiency of fertilizer use by the crop but also has the potential to reduce phosphorus application rates on certain crops compared to conventional phosphate fertilizers. These nutrients are gradually dissolved and available to the plant over an extended period of time.

Core Nutrients

Multiform Harvest contains three important core nutrients in slow release form - phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium.  In addition, Multiform Harvest fertilizer can be amended with other macro- and micro-nutrients and be designed to meet your exact plant nutrition and product sizing needs.

Better than “coated” fertilizers

Other slow release fertilizers on the market today rely on expensive polymer coatings for the release of nutrients. Nutrient release from these coated products is highly dependent upon temperature, thus the plant may remain dormant in cool weather, or be over stimulated under summer growing conditions. Fertilizer salts can build up quickly in the root zone during such periods of high temperature thus causing plant injury (and even death) unless irrigation is closely monitored to dilute or “flush” the accumulated salts.

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