Best Available Technique Studies Services (BAT)



Best Available Technique (BAT) studies are required by the regulator as part of a greenfield design, or a substantial change to a brownfield project. Ingen has completed such studies on most of the new developments in UKCS over the last ten years. The objective is to demonstrate that appropriate energy efficiency and environmental aspects have been considered in the selection of the proposed concepts and equipment.

An analysis is made of the various equipment selection options, such as number and type of compression and pump sets, and the various drivers (for example the direct drive and gas turbine drive) and these are compared in terms of:

Technical feasibility

  • Atmospheric emissions over plant operational lifetime (CO2, NOx and SOx)
  • OPEX
  • Reliability

A weighted system is then used to determine a ranking for the various options and the best available technology is then selected. Various sensitivities are considered such as ambient temperature, level of spinning reserve, extent of gas turbine degradation, different production throughputs, and so on. Such considerations have been found to be vital in providing the optimum configuration for life-of-field review to demonstrate the best available technology.

A key feature of our methodology is our award-winning Emissions Forecaster. This is unique software that allows input of different equipment modules such as number and type of gas turbines and compressors, and then calculates emission profiles over life-of-field for the various production scenarios. Various sensitivities can be analysed within minutes once the main details of the equipment have been populated.

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