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Best-Practice Research



Technology Forecasters’ consultants and analysts bring our clients depth and breadth of experience in the electronics and technology industries on supply chain, logistics, environmental regulations / strategy, and other operational issues.

A typical research project involves the following processes:

  • Tech Forecasters’ consulting team meets with executive/leadership team to clarify company goals, establish success metrics, and identify the issues to be addressed in the project.
  • Tech Forecasters develops a customized interview guide to be administered to the target audience (for example, key customers, lost or missed customers, suppliers, design engineers, etc.)
  • Tech Forecasters’ industry-experienced analysts conduct interviews (online, phone and/or in-person) using the customized interview guide. Interviews are often multi-lingual and span several regions depending on the data needed.
  • Tech Forecasters compiles and analyzes the data, and develops actionable recommendations. The final report may include data on trends, benchmarks, step-by-step courses of action and comprehensive data gathered during the interview process.
  • Tech Forecasters’ consultants meet with the leadership team to guide them through the research findings and discuss implications. If applicable, they will also include recommendations and step-by-step implementation plans with a suggested timetable.

Strategic Marketing – Getting your Message to the Right Audience

Our seasoned marketing consultants provide you with the communication support ensure that your company messaging reaches the right audience. Services include:

  • White papers and articles for industry publication
  • Messaging project initiatives and successes to your internal clients
  • Presentations on webinars and at conferences; Exhibitions at trade shows Public Relations

Recommended Workshops

  • Creating Differentiation in Your Electronics Market
  • Whether your company is a name-brand, an electronics-manufacturing/design company, a component supplier, or software company, you will benefit from Tech Forecasters’ expert industry-and-marketing team’s proven ability to quickly find unique angles for promoting your competitive differentiators. By the end of this day-long hands-on workshop, you will have 3 to 5 differentiation messages and a draft marketing roadmap for executing them. Typical follow-on services include writing white papers, leading webinars, securing invitations to speak at conferences, and even objective customer verification of messaging effectiveness.

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