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The challenge: reinvent the lifecycle of plastics. The “natural” process of degradation for fossil hard plastic matter takes between 200 and 400 years. At best, plastic waste is incinerated, even buried in landfills in certain countries with all the environmental consequences that it implies. Add to that the gradual depletion of fossil raw materials and there is a very real need for an alternative, which is where biosourced polymers (or plastics) or biopolymers come into play.

Today, certain biosourced plastics are biodegradable but often have inadequate plastic properties and a lifecycle that is not yet adapted to their use (too short or too long), thereby discouraging their large-scale production. CARBIOS’ aim is to meet global industry’s need for high-tech materials, particularly in those sectors where biodegradability has become a strategic requirement (flexible packaging and rigid plastics).
The solution: custom-fit biodegradations

CARBIOS’ technology allows it to trigger and control the process of biodegradation. It is tailored to use, environmentally-friendly and delivers high industrial performance.

The biological process involved uses enzymes that are able to degrade polymers to fully assimilate microorganisms found in nature. These biodegradable plastics can also be converted into energy by methanization.

Biodegradable plastics produced in this way are required to comply with European Standard EN 13432.

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