Over the past fifty years, ecosystems have been transformed by human action more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period in human history. As a result, the Earth’s biodiversity has been considerably impoverished. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the rate at which species have disappeared over the last century has been one thousand times greater than the natural rate, as a result of the increasing impact of human activities. The extinction of species threatens not only nature, but also mankind. All living creatures, including humans, depend on biodiversity and on the natural resources it provides.

IBERDROLA is aware of this problem and in line with its commitment to sustainable development considers the conservation of biodiversity as a basic principle of our environmental policy. For this reason IBERDROLA has a Biodiversity Policy in place, approved by the Board of Directors on 18 December 2007, which applies to all business companies and regions where the Company operates.

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