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Biodiversity Assessmens Services


Before your project begins, Hatfield Consultants helps you judge the biodiversity conditions for your project by conducting biodiversity assessments.Working with local stakeholders, our specialists collect data on indigenous species and natural resources at proposed project sites, using that information to prepare a detailed overview of the regional environment before a project commences. To complement our field data, we provide geographic information systems and satellite imagery that gather environmental information normally inaccessible by traditional means. Employing both traditional knowledge and innovative solutions, we help you make informed and responsible decisions about your project.

Hatfield Consultants specializes in the following services that help you understand the biodiversity status of a proposed project area:

  • Identifying species, surveying populations, and modeling the landscape to help assess the effects of project development on biodiversity
  • Monitoring biodiversity to analyze conditions prior to development
  • Developing and implementing plans to manage biodiversity at proposed project sites
  • Working with local stakeholders to determine socioeconomic and cultural impacts of development, including ethno-botanical surveys
  • Applying geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies to collect data on the biophysical environment inaccessible to traditional assessment methods
  • Combining traditional field surveys with modern technologies to map wildlife and vegetation habitat, assess its fragmentation, and determine possible changes overtime
  • Encouraging local communities to participate in conservation through community mapping - a proven method of documenting traditional land use

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