Bio3, Lda.

Bio3, Lda.

Biodiversity Surveys and Assessments

Bio3 is the most experienced Portuguese company in biodiversity monitoring. We have conducted over 100 biological monitoring programs with proven success. We are experts in reconciling renewable energies projects with biodiversity. With over 60 assessments and surveys of Wind Farms executed since 2005 (including Birds, Bats, Wolf, Flora and Habitats), we highlight the following services/tools developed by Bio3: Biologist-dog; Baseline Ecological Study; Biodiversity Tracking System; Wildlife Fatality Estimator.

We also conduct biological studies both in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (continental, transitional waters, coastal lagoons and marine environment), including the biological testing of sediments.
Other relevant techniques/tools in which Bio3 is specialized: Photo trapping.
We also highlight the experience and certification of our team to execute both birds and marine mammals’ surveys offshore (ESAS, European Seabirds At Sea and MMA, Marine Mammal Association).

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