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Biogas and Landfill Gas Services


Cornerstone staff’s deep knowledge and experience with biogas (including landfill gas, or LFG) collection, control, and beneficial reuse extends back to the inception of landfill gas management at landfills. Providing a wide range of biogas services to solid waste companies, municipalities, project developers and others involved in biogas production or use, we specialize in assessing factors that affect biogas generation and recovery. Based on our in depth assessments, our staff skillfully formulates the most effective plan for incorporating biogas collection and control systems into a facility and developing the appropriate reuse of the biogas be it to generate electricity, produce heat, or sold to outside third parties.


We also provide services in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction credit evaluations, including assisting clients with state GHG reporting requirements, as well as preparing for federal, mandatory GHG emissions reporting.

Emerging biogas and LFG services – BioCNG

In addition to years of experience with traditional biogas and LFG services, Cornerstone is on the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies. We developed BioCNG, an alternative vehicle fuel system that uses a patent-pending biogas conditioning system, to economically produce biogas-based fuel to power compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

This system provides a simple technology for private industries and municipalities to produce their own vehicle fuel at a fraction of the cost of gasoline or diesel and get similar or better engine performance. Biogas-based CNG can be produced from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural and food waste anaerobic digesters. The fuel can be used in a wide variety of vehicles that are manufactured or converted to use CNG vehicle fuel.

  • Biogas engineering, control system design, and multi-year control system phasing plans
  • Biogas generation and recovery modeling
  • NSPS Tier I/Tier II/Tier III evaluations
  • Beneficial-use feasibility studies and design
  • Air quality monitoring, permitting, compliance and reporting
  • GHG emission reduction credit evaluations and reporting
  • Biogas utilization/landfill gas-to-energy projects
  • Operations and maintenance of biogas control equipment and systems

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