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IES Biogas srl

Biological Assistance Services

THE BIOLOGICAL PROCESS IS THE HEART OF A BIOGAS PLANT. INDEPENDENT OF SUB-STRATA USED, BIOLOGICAL EFFICIENCY IS THE FUNDAMENTAL FACTOR FOR HIGH, CONSTANT PRODUCTION PERFORMANCES. So, taking maniacal care over the start-up stage and the stability of the biomass’s anaerobic digestion (resulting in the production of biogas) is fundamental. Where you have biological stability you have profitability.For this purpose, our specialised biological team is with you step by step, week after week, with a laboratory - even mobile - equipped with the best analysis equipment, guaranteeing periodical supervision of the biological process. We collect plant material samples regularly and analyse them: that way the anaerobic digestion process is optimised continuously and stabilised at high performance levels.
We offer advice and service to assure the best performance, not just for our plants, but for those of other manufacturers too.

START-UP PROGRAMME - We specifically analyse the sub-stratum your farm will be using to feed the plant and start-up the process in the best possible way. For about 10-15 days 
NUTRITION PROGRAMME - We intervene to create a better feed formula for your plant, indicating doses and integration based on biomasses available. Fundamental, especially when changes are made to the sub-stratum composition.
SOS PROGRAMME - If the plant has a biological emergency, there’ s no time to be wasted: we intervene straight away to restore efficient anaerobic digestion operations.
FLANKING PROGRAMME - Periodically, at pre-established times, we analyse the dry substance, the organic substance, the ammonium concentration, PH value and all the other decisive elements. The experience of the microbiologists who work with us keeps the plant tiptop.

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