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Biological Care s.r.l.

Biological Assistance Services


There is no innovative technology that can work without a suitable biological control. Understanding the processes that regulate anaerobic digestion is essential for a satisfactory return on investment. Considering the great amount of variables, the performance of the plant could be compromised even with top quality nutriments. We offer you all our expertise in customisable packages to suit all different operating conditions.

Biological Assistance package

The 'Biological Assistance package', designed on an annual basis, provides:

  • Accurate monitoring of basic biological parameters;
  • Resolution of both biological and technical-plant related problems;
  • Diet formulation and modification;
  • Agronomic characterisation of the digestate;
  • Containers for sampling control;
  • Transport logistics;
  • Dedicated phone support;
  • On-site technical support;
  • Analysis and historical reports

Emergency package

The 'Emergency' package is designed for those customers who are not covered under the Biological Assistance package, or, new customers undergoing a critical biological stage. It includes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the situation;
  • Structural and plant design check-up;
  • Physical-chemical analyses of all input, in digestion, and output materials;
  • resolutive proposals to restore and optimize production.

The 'Emergency package' is planned time to time along with the customer depending on the level of criticality involved.

Diet package

The 'Diet package' is aimed at the formulation of a balanced ration to ensure optimal return in biogas.
Our nutritionists will support you whenever a change of diet is needed.
We will carry out 'tags' on the available biomass, indicate the right dosages, and analyse the cost-performance of the various matrices, eventually suggesting integration with alternative energy productsto improve your revenue account..

Start-up package

Above these three customisable packages, there is perhaps the most delicate part of the biological process: the plant start-up.
The start-up of an anaerobic digester is a critical step that can significantly modify the production performance and economic plans in the first year of activity. The start-up phase is the period between the preparation of the initial inoculum and the start of production of the cogeneration unit; it consists of the following steps:

  • choice of inoculum and analytical evaluation of available substrates;
  • filling and heating the digesters with additive activators of fermentation;
  • replacement of the initial atmosphere with the first biogas production;
  • start of diet 'ramp';
  • start of plant production and first parallel;
  • increase in electric production and stabilization of the digestive process

We can support you by choosing the inoculum or by starting the production of the cogeneration unit, guaranteeing a quick start and a stable biology throughout the entire life of the plant.

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