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Winzler & Kelly offers a full suite of biological services available for any project. We have the experience to meet all of your needs from wetland delineations for a pipeline corridor, to rare and endangered plant and animal surveys for a site development project, or the permitting of fish passage structures for dams, culverts, and bridges. Our scientists and biologists are proficient at wetland impact studies, wetland mitigation design, construction specification preparation, wetlands construction management, adaptive management plans, and post-mitigation monitoring. We offer rare and endangered plant and animal surveys for Section 7 consultations, CEQA / NEPA/SEPA studies; conduct construction monitoring and land management services; and prepare biological assessments and habitat conservation plans.

Our habitat restoration experience includes native grasslands, oak woodlands, riparian corridors, freshwater wetlands, salt marshes, coastal dunes, and more. We develop habitat restoration, creation and mitigation concepts based on a thorough understanding of ecosystem-level processes and science-based detail at the community and species level. A number of our restoration efforts have focused on endangered species habitat, including habitat for California red-legged frog, San Francisco garter snake, tidewater goby, salmonids, Mission blue butterfly, Bay checkerspot butterfly, Hine’s emerald dragonfly, and fountain thistle.


For projects with natural resource program management and landscape/restoration needs, our experience includes:

  • Section 7 and Section 10 consultations
  • Adaptive management plans
  • Wildlife, botanical, and fishery studies, including threatened and endangered species
  • Permit scheduling and mitigation strategies, tracking, and processing
  • Wetland delineations, habitat characterization, and mapping
  • Wetlands mitigation design
  • Fish passage design and plan preparation for dam, culvert, and other barrier removal projects
  • Pre-construction permit requirements (raptor surveys, bat clearance, etc.)
  • Post-construction mitigation monitoring and permit compliance for reclamation
  • GIS – data management and analysis, predictive management tool, multi-dimensional graphic displays

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