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Biomass to Water and Electricity Solution Services


The ZeroPoint Biomass to Water and Electricity (B2WE) Solution represents the leading edge in the development of off-grid, biomass boiler processes for the production of field potable water and electricity.


ZeroPoint's standard B2WE Solution provides potable water, heat and electricity for remote locations and disaster relief. The B2WE Solution uses almost any biomass or waste and can be deployed anywhere in the world. The units operate on minimal amounts of fuel; similar to a wood stove. Heat from the fire box boils contaminated water into steam to produce potable water and heat. The steam is condensed in a process that generates approximately 10Kw of electricity for field use. Multiple B2WE units can deploy rapidly to provide basic human needs in harsh field conditions.

  • Rapid Field Source for:
    • Heat
    • Water
    • Power
  • Uses Readily Available Fuel
  • Modular, Skid-Mounted Package
  • Built for Container Shipping
  • Rapid Global Deployment

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