IRIS Environmental Systems Inc.

IRIS Environmental Systems Inc.

Biophysical, Ecological and Social Sciences


Scientifically-collected data from the biological, chemical, earth, and social sciences provide the information base on which decision-making for appropriate environmental management depends. IRIS’ professional scientists have extensive experience in study design, data collection methods, analytical techniques, and experience in interpreting information for application to project environmental management. IRIS provides scientific expertise for geology; geomorphology; soils; vegetation; surface and groundwater hydrology; chemistry of water, soil and air; limnology; fisheries; wildlife; climatology and atmosphere.

IRIS applies social science and community analysis skills, including population studies and demographics, attitude surveys and related tools, to projects ranging from resource management to municipal planning and development.

IRIS uses these skills either to provide new baseline information, or to interpret existing information. We have applied them to a wide variety of environmental management issues.

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