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FINECON, s.r.o.

Bioremediation of Natural Water Sites Services



Problems to be solved: excessive accumulation of sludge, bad smells are released, natural organic matter or contaminants are not degrading properly, the environment is being asphyxiated.

We can supply a range of biological specialities (strains of micro-organisms, fungi, yeast, and enzymes) for bioremediation of water sites:

  • Bioremediation to clarify the water.
  • Bioremediation to reduce the volume of organic sludge.
  • Bioremediation to degrade chemical substances.
  • Bioremediation for efficient odour control.
  • Bioremediation for an effective denitrification.

Our Services:

  • Working out the right Solution for YOUR need (products, service-range, and equipment).
  • Measurement and analytical evaluation of system parameters.
  • Adjustment of dosing rates for applied products.
  • Installation and maintenance of measurement and control technology.
  • Monitoring of treated system efficiency.
  • Consultancy

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