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Biota Tissue Testing Analysis Services


ACZ Laboratories, Inc. has over 25 years of experience analyzing plant and animal tissue for trace metals, organic and radiochemical contaminants. We have prepared and analyzed a variety of biota samples from across the world, including the Antarctic and the South Pacific. Due to the sensitivity of native organisms to many low-level manmade contaminants, ACZ protocol includes rigorous QA/QC to determine and verify our results. We supply litigation-quality data that will withstand extensive review. As federal and state regulations get more stringent ACZ will be capable of supporting any new, lower detection limits required for biota testing.

ACZ developed a micro biota tissue digestion method for trace metal analysis in the early 90's. This micro-digestion is used when there is very limited tissue volume available and standard digestion methods would be too dilute to see metals in the ppb range, such as target organs in fingerling trout. The micro-digestion coupled with ICP-MS analysis in ACZ's class 100 cleanroom allows us to perform low-level metals analysis on samples well under one-half a gram in total weight. We are also capable of homogenizing large samples and performing analysis on a representative aliquot. Our Level III Bio-Safety hood allows for safe handling during prep and dissection of small mammals, including deer mice, which may carry the Hanta Virus. ACZ's Retsch heavy-metal free knife mill is used for the pulverization of plant material for bioaccumulation studies. This highly reduces any trace metal contamination during prep. ACZ's experience, staff and specialized facility set us apart in this area of environmental analysis and we are proud to be an industry leader in trace metal analysis for biota tissue.

Biota Tissue Capabilities include:

  • Trace metal analysis via ICP and ICP-MS in class-100 clean room
  • Mercury (Hg) analysis via direct combustion AS EPA 7473 (4ng/g MDL)
  • Radiochemical contamination
  • Bio-Accumulation studies
  • Heavy Metals Free Plant Pulverizer
  • Micro-Digestions for trace metals analysis
  • Level III Bio-safety hood for small mammals

Types of Biota Analyzed include:

  • Benthic Organisms
  • Fish (very small to large)
  • Fish eggs and target organs
  • Snakes
  • Small reptiles
  • Insects
  • Plants, grasses and woody shrubs
  • Avian (adult birds to eggs)
  • Small Mammals

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