Waste Diversion Ontario

Waste Diversion Ontario

Blue Box Waste


Blue Box Waste was designated by an Ontario Regulation made under the Waste Diversion Act on September 23, 2002. The Minister of the Environment then sent Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) a letter requesting the development of a waste diversion program plan and a guide for Blue Box Waste.  WDO developed a diversion program for Blue Box Waste in co-operation with Stewardship Ontario, an industry funding organization incorporated in Ontario to represent stewards of the products and packages in Blue Box Waste.  WDO, in cooperation with Stewardship Ontario, undertook stakeholder consultations during development of the Blue Box Program Plan.Under the Waste Diversion Act, the Blue Box Program Plan must provide funding to municipalities under the program being equal to 50% of the total net costs incurred by those municipalities as a result of the program.  Municipalities are eligible for newspaper lineage to advertise their diversion programs.

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