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Borehole Treatment


A full chemical analysis must be undertaken. Our samples will be independently analysed by a UKAS approved laboratory. Based on this we can tailor a particular package for your application. Equipment can be specifically installed for sediment filtration, iron removal, and disinfection ie: chlorination or ultra violet (UV) systems. We can provide a bespoke borehole treatment system tailored to your individual requirements. Following installation the system will require a regular service and maintenance regime.

There are areas of the UK that are not connected to a municipal supply. If you use water from a borehole or well it will require borehole treatment, irrespective of whether you are a domestic or commercial user, the water quality must adhere to the private borehole regulations currently in force. The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, which came into force on 1 January 2010.

We have recently undertaken a project in Kent for Leeds Castle, providing twin variable speed booster systems and associated nitrate removal, sediment filtration and UV disinfection. Previous installations, in conjunction with EMCOR and Hampshire County Council, have been for the refurbishment of the reservoir and replacement of storage tanks providing water via a borehole to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park at Butser Hill, near Petersfield in Hampshire. Some of our clients include private schools, private estates, commercial growers and producers and domestic boreholes.

The borehole treatment system in the picture is installed at Leeds Castle. Water is collected in a brick sump from several catchment pits, which then overflow via a channel into a small brook, which eventually reaches the lake. Water is pumped from the catchment pit into a surface sectional built, fibre-glass storage tank. It is then distributed via a variable speed, twin head booster system through a duplex nitrate removal plant, sediment filtration and finally a Ultra Violet disinfection unit.

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