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- Salt Water Remediation

BRINE-AID™ can: · Restore natural drainage · Increase porosity · Re-aggregate dispersed soil · Help stop erosion · Restore the soil's physical state, which helps balance soil chemistry · Reduce or eliminate damage claims · Reduce remediation costs by as much as 80% when compared to dig and haul BRINE-AID™ is specifically formulated for in-situ remediation of sodium damaged soil. NO other product will outperform BRINE-AID™ when following manufacturer's site-specific recommendations. GUARANTEED This specifically formulated liquid calcium has been successful in reclaiming sodium-damaged soil in the oilfield for years, regardless of the age or amount of contamination. This is proven technology that cannot be disputed. When applied immediately after a spill or release of salt-water, it has been very effective in preventing timber and vegetation loss.

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