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ESS Group, Inc.

Brownfield Cleanup & Redevelopment Services



ESS has the technical expertise, regulatory experience, and field capabilities to advance brownfield initiatives for state and local governments, quasi-governmental agencies, regional planning councils, redevelopment authorities, and community development corporations. We assist our clients in identifying candidate sites, developing remediation strategies, assisting with securing cleanup funding, and evaluating reuse and redevelopment scenarios. Our project experience has involved assessing and cleanup of sites contaminated by single pollutants to complex sites involving multiple hazardous substances co-mingled with petroleum product. We have work closely with our clients through the Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment process from development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) and site investigations to regulatory closure.

Our brownfield cleanup and redevelopment services include:

  • Site Investigations and Characterizations
  • Evaluation of Cleanup Criteria
  • Environmental Liability Assessments and Management Strategies
  • Remediation Strategy Development and Planning
  • Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives
  • Regulatory Permitting and Closure Negotiation
  • Reuse and Redevelopment Planning
  • Remedial Design Plans, Technical Specifications, and Cost Estimates
  • Community Involvement Planning and Outreach
  • Construction Inspection and Environmental Monitoring

Securing Cleanup Funding

Based on our experience we have found the single most important element of a successful brownfield cleanup and redevelopment project is securing funding. ESS has worked closely with our cleats to identify and secure eligible brownfield assessment and cleanup funding sources from EPA, state authorities as well as potential historical insurance coverage. This assistance has included preparing grant proposals to EPA for Site Specific and Community-wide Assessment as well as Cleanup grants.

Reuse and Redevelopment Planning

Our brownfield experience involves not only assisting our clients with developing and implementing remediation strategies but also assessing reuse and site development options. Fundamental to a successful brownfield redevelopment is the effective integration of site development planning with remediation and cleanup. Our multidisciplinary staff combines their expertise in remediation, site/civil engineering, and permitting to identify the best and highest-value use of the property by balancing remediation and redevelopment goals.

GSA Contract No.: GS-10F-0080W

ESS was awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0080W in January 2010. Under SIN 899-8, 899-8RC of this contract ESS provides Remediation & Reclamation Services, including:

  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Site Investigation and Feasibility Studies
  • Groundwater and Subsurface Investigations
  • Soil Management Plans
  • Remedial Design
  • Construction Inspection and Environmental Monitoring

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