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Brownfield Remediation


Short rotation Coppice (SRC), Willow, can be used for the treatment of wastewaters e.g. sewage, farm run-off, landfill leachate, etc and also for the stabilisation and remediation of brownfield sites such as colliery spoil, contaminated ex-industrial land and capped landfill sites. The use of SRC as a disposal route for agricultural and municipal wastes is gaining increased interest. The effluent, leachate, slurry, etc applied to the coppice provides organic matter and nutrients needed by the willow for growth whilst enabling the controlled disposal of the waste to a perennial, non-food crop. There is also the added advantage of irrigation as low water levels can often be a limiting factor for SRC particularly when it is growing on poor soils such as restored landfill sites.

SRC production on contaminated land can bring the land into economic use, improve its aesthetic value and possibly lead to long-term remediation through heavy metal removal in the harvested material although this may have consequences for its use as fuel. Our exclusive partners Coppice Resources Limited (UK) have established a number of restored landfill and brownfield sites as both a method of treating leachate and to utilise land that might otherwise have no agricultural value.

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