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The 2002 Brownfields Revitalization Act expanded EPA’s assistance program. It provides incentives, such as tax incentives, cleanup grants, and limitation of liability to purchasers and developers of Brownfield sites.

Sites containing contaminated groundwater, contaminate soil, and contaminated structures are potential candidates for Brownfield status.

Private investors, developers, and potential buyers of contaminated sites are facing a daunting task when trying to assess the feasibility of purchasing such sites. The extent and level of contamination, the costs of potential remediation, potential abatement (asbestos, lead etc.), demolition, and disposal of existing structures are some of the unknowns associated when evaluating the feasibility of re-development.

Martin & Associates International, Inc. is an environmental firm specializing in Brownfield feasibility assessments. MAI assesses:

  • Level of contamination present;
  • Cost to prepare, submit, and execute a Corrective Action Plan (CAP);
  • Probability of obtaining Brownfield status for the property;
  • Probability of obtaining a Brownfield cleanup grant;

Beyond feasibility assessments, MAI works with purchasers and developers to:

  • Prepare and submit Brownfield applications;
  • Prepare and execute Corrective Action Plans;
  • Prepare and submit reports to the local, state, and federal agencies;

Services Offered:

  • Brownfield Feasibility Assessment

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