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BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships



LRQA provides certification to BS 11000, which sets out a strategic framework specification to allow the establishment and improvement of collaborative business relationships.

The framework is written to allow organisations of any size, and from any sector, to implement the system in a way that best helps their business, based on an eight stage approach.

Implementing a BS 11000-certificated Collaborative Business Relationships Management System should be of particular interest to organisations wanting to improve efficiency and partnership working; particularly those within or managing a supply chain.

  • Reducing costs - through collaborative working relationships, leading to improved performance within the organisation
  • Competitive edge - develop beneficial partnerships can enhance your organisation's competitive edge and performance
  • Innovation - collaborative working relationships lead to improved levels of innovation within the organisation
  • Managing risks - by working closely with your supply chain, you can identify risks and manage them effectively

Business Assurance
Our Business Assurance approach means that you get more than an assessment. We work with you to make your management system grow.

Proven Track Record
We have high profile clients in the transportation, nuclear, government, IT and defence sectors.

LRQA has been carrying out certification and assessments with organisations like yours for over 25 years globally.

BS 11000 enables you to assess the benefits of potential and existing partnerships, select partners to complement your objectives, create a shared approach to common advantage and create, measure & maintain maximum value for the relationship, plus develop and execute an exit strategy.

You gain increased efficiency, transparency and understanding around governance processes in partnership dealings and an ability to assess and monitor all these partnerships through an RMP (relationship management plan).

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