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Quality and Reproducibility for your daily benefit. BUCHI EXACT is the professional and comprehensive qualifications of your BUCHI product. We perform qualification services on a level that can only be achieved by the manufacturer that has not only the product’s specification in mind, but also knows its capacity beyond that. Our deeper understanding of the applications and the functionality of our products becomes clear when comparing our procedures and protocols with non- OEM competitors. One time Operational Qualification (OQ). Follow-up OQ contracts.

The Installation Qualification «IQ» provides the documented proof that the equipment has been delivered and installed in accordance with the requirements and statutory safety regulations stipulated in the design qualification. After a successfully completed Installation Qualification «IQ», the responsible persons release the equipment for the next stage of qualification. Typically an Operational Qualification «OQ».

During the Operational Qualification, all items specified in the test plan are processed and documented in writing to ensure that the system functions in accordance with its specifications. After a successfully completed Operation Qualification, it is released by the signatures in the qualification report. Some OQ’s also include a Performance Qualification «PQ». An example would be our new Lyovapor-line of freeze drying systems.


  • Our one-time OQ service will provide you with the necessary documents and certificates.
  • The service team will contact you for scheduling and you will be reminded about the possibility for a follow-up OQ before the certificates expire.
  • Our price includes all: Hours, travel and expenses, documents, certificates and the fees for all tools and materials needed during the procedure.


  • Buying an OQ package instead of Individual OQs will grant you an additional discount on the documents, put you on top of the priority for service relevant topics and give you the piece of mind that BUCHI will take care of the scheduling aspects of the visits.

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